Watch our talk at V-VSS – 2022, on “Visualizing Cortical Columns within the Retinotopic Visual Areas pf Humans with Normal and Amblyopic Vision” (abstract pdf

Watch our talk at ARVO 2022, on “Amblyopia Impacts on Activity within Human V2/V3 Thin and Thick Stripes during Binocular Summation”(abstract pdf)

Watch our talk at VSS 2022, on “Differentiating the impact of Amblyopia on spatial frequency encoding within human V2/V3 thin and thick stripes” (abstract pdf)

Watch our talk at ARVO, in the Amblyopia: Translational Studies and Trials session on “Impact of Ambltopia on the Function of Stereo and Motion Selective Clusters in Human Extrastriate Cortex” (abstract pdf

Watch our talk at VSS, in the Plasticity and Learning session on “Amblyopia-Related Changes in Fine Scale Functional Organization of Human Extrastriate Visual Cortex” (abstract pdf)

Watch our talk at VSS, in the 3D Perception and Stereopsis session on “Revealing Differential Mechanisms of Absolute vs. Relative Disparity Encoding in Human Extrastriate Visual Cortex and Impacts of Amblyopia on them”(abstract pdf)